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The advances in modern medicine have been there for all to see in the last century but some of the greatest advances in the last two decades have been related to the field of nutrition. The real miracle, nature’s ability to heal us, has always been available. But now science has given us the tools to understand the mystery of healing foods and nutrients.

Nutritional/Natural Health Therapy consists of getting to the root cause of your health concerns and supporting the body with the vital nutrients to give the body the ability to heal itself naturally. At Healthy Solutions, it is our desire to restore the individual to their maximum state of health by consuming whole foods, reduction of stress levels, elimination of toxicity, target supplementation, incorporation of exercise and elimination of toxic foods.


Initial Session

Health history and nutritional status assessed and analyzed
Develop customized nutritional program based upon individual biochemistry
Testing and screening recommendation
Goals and plan of action established
Exercise routine incorporated
Metabolic Testing (Fat %, Water, Lean Muscle Mass)
Iodine Patch and Zinc Test

Follow-Up Sessions

Sessions are based upon individual client’s progress to optimal health.

Telephone Sessions

Out of area sessions are available upon request.

12-Week “Slim Down” the Natural Way Program

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Customized eating program
Metabolic fat burning
Education of proper/improper foods intake
Digestion assessment
Target supplementation
Balance neurotransmitters
Reduce and cut out cravings
Correct metabolism
Measure body fat, lean muscle mass, water %, BMI
Balance stress hormones
Incorporate exercise program
Professional guidance


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 Adrenal Stress Index Panel

 Complete Metabolic Profile

 Food Allergies (IgG)

 Gastrointestinal Health Panel

 Hair Analysis

 Hormone Testing

 Neurotransmitter Testing

 Porphyrin Testing

 BIM Testing


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